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Venture Productions has partnered with an independent feature film producer from Los Angeles, Franco Sama.  Sama is currently involved with Hollywood Media Bridge, LLC whose main distributor is LIONSGATE. 

The partnership centers around five scripts written by Ted Sharon.  Sama and Sharon have plotted a production sequence starting with Sleight of Hand. 

Sleight of Hand was submitted on September 18th of 2017 and will be produced by Samaco Films.  Our estimated budget is 1.6 million dollars.  Pre-production will begin in early 2020 and shooting is planned to begin during the fall of 2021. 

*Franco Sama, Samaco Films

*Franco Sama, Samaco Films


After seeing a friend killed, a professional gambler goes into witness protection in a religious community, but must choose between the ease of his old life and saving the people he has come to love.

The inspiration for Sleight of Hand came as I stood in the narrow upstairs hallway of our 1834 home. I saw a little girl (Crystal) and a Las Vegas card shark (Johnny Switch) in a scene where he had just protected her from danger. That was it. The rest was fingers tapping on a keyboard, reaching for the delete key, and then tapping away again. A dear actor friend (Andrew) was the inspiration for Johnny, so writing him was relatively easy – I simply let him loose in my imagination.

The adage, “Scripts are not written, they are rewritten,” is 100% true. The hours of pre-dawn quiet, of late nights after the kids were asleep, of those with windows down in secluded parking lots, and those that bookend midnight became my best rewriting friends. So did long train rides from Buffalo to New York’s Penn Station.

Producers are the reason that stories see the light of day, and I have enjoyed every minute of my association with Franco Sama and his talented team. Special thanks as well to my wife Janie and to my students as SUNY Fredonia who have searched this script for typos, inconsistencies and plot holes.

I hope that the wider audience enjoys Sleight of Hand as much as we have.

*Written by: Ted Sharon, Owner



Six unlikely companions fight an alien tyrant whose only aim is to obliterate their star system and hurl their worlds into the void of outer space.


Other Scripts in the Works:


A young noblewoman must battle her cruel half-brother to prevent his claim on her family’s land and the destruction of everything she holds dear.


In an apocalyptic world governed by ancient law, a condemned criminal escapes in an attempt to save his family and comes face-to-face with the crime that has colored his past.


Three friends discover a window that opens into time, but when the portal closes they must search the centuries for the answers that will lead them back home.