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With each project we undertake, we try to show the world itself in a unique way, and give people visions of themselves that they might not otherwise have seen. 

Our team has produced more than 60 projects for universities, government, and corporate clients.  Whether you plan to promote a product or a service, provide employee training, document an event, or tell a story, we treat your vision as if it were our own. Your vision becomes a part of ours.

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Cott Corporation



A Good Man

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Recent Productions:


  • Tower Productions: Historic Chautauqua County Properties
  • Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation: The Right Place
  • Jason Schmidt for District Attorney: T.V. Campaign
  • TEC-EASE, 10 Video Series
  • To the Future


  • The Hillman Opera at Homecoming, Sizzle Reel
  • Chautauqua Adult Day Services, 3 Video Series
  • Granted: Be the Change
  • Granted: Come Fly with Me
  • Granted: Lighting the World
  • The Fredonia Experience, Freshman Welcome Video
  • Lighthouse Unmanned, Independent Feature
  • A Tribute to Winnie Sheppard

*We also have two projects we'd love to tell you about.. but, then we'd have to erase your memory!



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